Friday, August 18, 2017

New album from Danish dj Kölsch

Danish dj Rune RK alias Kölsch is back with his forthcoming album 1989 somewhere mid September. I'm not perfectly clear on the specific date. The album will be released on Cologne techno imprint Kompakt as the third album in the trilogy.
The tech house album "1977" came out in 2013 and two years later followed by the techno album "1983". Personally I'm a huge fan of 1983. It has certain similiarities to the former trance releases on sister label Speicher. All 3 albums are to be seen as autobiographical whereas the last one has a more sentimental grey'ish vibe to it. Several of the future tracks are titlet "grey" in different languages. The album is tackling and focusing on darker childhoold memories such as his parent's divorce and the difficulties within adolescence.

I find this album and in fact the whole trilogy quite important. This dj has always been a hit banger doing all sorts of interesting and not so interesting electronic music. To be honest. He has been involved in numerous project. All of them leaning towards the happier side of artistic expression one could say. Also the Artifical Funk project together with brother and industrial designer Johannes Torpe are classic fast forward productions. I like it, don't get me wrong.
Rune RK started playing the drums in various funk bands i early 90s and soon after that he spent three years producing hip-hop tunes for Copenhagen rappers. The funkiness of his releases has always been quite visible. Maybe that is why I find this trilogy so important, because this is something else.
Please leave a comment when you get a chance to have a listen.

swedish killer loop techno

I am getting more and impressed by the Swedish act SHXCXCHCXSH. This is highly original stuff and highly secretive. It brings me back to fellow Swedish act The Knife. I've trying to figure out how their name is pronounced. I'm, however, not quite sure but the H's must be silent therefore it's only the S sounds and therefore it must sound like white noise. check it out if you digg distorted scapes and clicky grainy drones. Furthermore they've started their own imprint Rösten. More on that in a further post. Untill then have a lovely Friday night.

beautiful minimalistic LED light and water reflection installation

PANTA RHEI - kinetic installation of oscillating water and light from Lieber Analog on Vimeo.

PANTA RHEI - kinetic installation of oscillating water and light. all flows one could say. This awesome and beautiful analog installation reveals the marvel of water. It is simply the optical natural phenomenon of reflection when water and light come together. Composed of two oscillating water basins controlled by a motorized lifting mechanism, longitudinal waves propagate the length, and reflect against the end. The water action is revealed by projected refracted light of an LED spotlight. Two piazo transducers receive acoustic sounds of moving water and installation to create a live soundscape which synchronizes reflections and sound. Every moment is unique. PANTA RHEI - nothing in life is static. The music of Jan Jelinek suits the installation extremely well. I can watch this over and over again. I have for many years been a huge Jan Jelink fan. However, I'm quite new to Тom Kretschmer though. Can't really find that much else on him on Vimeo nor Youtube. If you are fimiliar with him please send me a link or let me know. idea & film by Тom Kretschmer music by Jan Jelinek exhibited in Berlin, Prague

minimal architecture

' okay, guys. this is not music. at least you can't hear it. im sure you can appreciate the beauty of this swedish piece of minimalistic architecture by john pawson. have a good friday.

Fine Finnish melancholic techno

more colundi artefacts have been found. 10.8 33 33.8 55 62.64 63 70 73.6 83 98.4 105 110 111 147 147.85 172.06 210.42 221.23 264 293 342 396 404 408 410 413 416 417 420.82 440 448 528 630 639 685 852 880 1052 12000 common purpose. consideration of data. colundi everyOne. UK74R1514160 taken from The Colundi Sequence 2 on CloneDub. 27-02-2017 enjoy!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ø ‎– Oleva

[00:00:00] 01. Unien Holvit [00:04:00] 02. S-Bahn [00:09:27] 03. Set The Controls To The Heart Of The Sun [00:15:13] 04. Frekvenssi [00:17:33] 05. Loihdittu [00:22:37] 06. Vastus [00:27:33] 07. U-Bahn [00:32:22] 08. Koituva [00:38:58] 09. Mojave [00:44:55] 10. Tasanko [00:49:25] 11. Kaussaliton [00:56:49] 12. Muistetun Palaava Taajuus this is the full album. hope you enjoy.

arrival after many years

Hi, i've been doing this blog for quite a few years back. it has been resting for 6-7 years now ready to take shape again. I myself have been busy with studies. i have been study architecture for quite some years now. however, i do still produce electronic music and techno in particular. therefore I dicided and thought to myself why not bring this blog back to life. I am super excited about this little adventure. I'll mostly be posting about techo still. let's see how it turns out. keep diggin' here's 食品まつり a.k.a foodman at the Boiler Room. → TRACKLIST & DOWNLOAD HERE: → And go to for the best of underground music: videos, articles, mixes and exclusive tracks Yokohoma-based producer 食品まつり a.k.a foodman dropped by the New York studio for a showcase of his unique takes on footwork and beyond. peace!

Junction SM live at MOS ESPA Festival

Part 1 of an unending 6 hours jam session at the lovely mos espa festival in geneva in july 09 from sonja moonear and dandy jack. Bio: After studying classical music in her youth, Sonja Moonear set aside the piano in favour of the turntables and bought a Roland R8. Surrounded by the Swiss mountains, Sonja immersed herself in the Geneva underground before finally infiltrating the ranks of the Weetamix residents in 2002. From that point on, participating in ever more ambitious projects, she was tapped by an international agency and started the road trip. Moonear slowly began collaborating with artists - friends and crews - like Luciano or Cosmic Chile Zürich, along with Dandy Jack as Junction SM. She has acquired an impressive international reputation, playing in clubs and festivals worldwide. In the last couple of years she’s been releasing her own tracks and remixes on renowned international labels such as Karat and Perlon. She runs the label Ruta5 and organises various events in Switzerland aswell as the ever growing Kiss Me festival. On top of that, she is a sound designer for the swiss-french TV. This artist from Geneva evades easy categorisation however: her sets reflect an enormous wealth of ideas and creativity and lead her to perpetually redefine her style. Her musical background, eclectic tastes and enviable record collection have made miss Moonear a much sought-after DJ.

Damien Dubrovnik – Live at Home Sweet Home, New York

Damien Dubrovnik – Live at Home Sweet Home, New York from Rob Brulinski on Vimeo.

Damien Dubrovnik – Live at Home Sweet Home. Posh Isolation Records.

Alva Noto - unitxt/univrs (Derivative Version)

Alva Noto - unitxt/univrs (Derivative Version) from Derivative on Vimeo.

Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) at Ars Electronica 2010. Visual developed with Wuestenarchitekten (Markus Heckmann) and produced with TouchDesigner.