Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Martinez album coming up

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During the last couple of years Martinez aka Martin Swanstrein has really making himself visible on the minimal techno scene. I remember years ago when he was dealing with deep house and tech house - but now I'm really a sucker for his releases. Since he launched his new label Re:connected in the beginning of 2007 I've been sucking up each and every release.

The Swede who's actually living in Copenhagen, is putting out the album "A Chemical Imbalance" which can be bought on vinyl, cd and mp3.

"A Chemical Imbalance" is mainly driven by the trade mark sound of Re:connected. You’ll find it in tracks such as "Tuna Belly" & "La Macchina", with their rolling hypnotic rhythm and bleepy metallic sounds. The album also includes the two dance floor hits from the first 12", Sinus Wave and Land-crab which have a more shuffle driven beat and strong off-key pads. You'll alse find tracks with chicago house elements...

01. haunted by your scream
02. isolation
03. tuna belly
04. razor-blade
05. lowdown
06. sinus wave
07. a chemical imbalance
08. the turtle-march
09. borrmaskin
10. land-crab
11. square form
12. la macchina

The album will be released 26th of November.

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