Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Richie Hawtin interview about global environment

Richie Hawtin and the minimal techno crew at M_nus are now beginning to take action regarding global environment issues. The plastikman wants to follow the footsteeps of other music communities by being more environment minded. With their new campaign subtitled 'Minimize your IMPACT', Richie has promised to offset carbon emissions, and implement environmentally friendly manufacturing processes at M_nus in Berlin. Interesting to see how the electronic music community will react to this green thing. I personally hope the electronic community are able to do something positive in matters to do some changs.

Furthermore Richie is becoming a father. CONGRTATS!


Junior Furlan said...


Can I explain how the blog?
How can download the CDs?


MaTh said...


hawtin's !

Lord Kook said...

i think liked richie more as a abstract and less as a father/environmentalist. but who knows :: with richie getting this granola-crunchy and parental, maybe he and BT will end up collaborating on something?


Anonymous said...

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