Saturday, May 24, 2008

Free ketamine style minimal techno

Yo yo! Normally I don't do this: BUT a couple of days ago I got a request from a nice young fella from Slovenia - dj dalli. However, he's got a track which he pretty much would like me to make a post about. And to be honest - why the hell not! I appreciate the whole idea of giving away some of your stuff for free - in this case a track. I don't care if the purpose is promotion - free is free, and I like.

All right. Nuff said. Download link below:

Download the track here

Check it out:) I think my man from Slovenia would love some feedback - so fire away!

Y'll take care.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

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steven said...

This song has a lot of potential, I say that because it is lacking any real bass line it is just bass from the kick drum. Other than that I like it, really cool percussion and good tempo for an energetic set. But I do emphasize the importance of adding a bass line. I would love to see this song taken back to the drawing board.

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