Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First album from Chicago based Siteholder Records

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Huge Hephner, co-owner of the 2-year-old Chicago label Siteholder Records, drops his full-lenght album "Nymphotech" August 15.

"I wanted to create a distinct style that combined the legendary sound of jackin' Chicago house with modern techno," explains Siteholder Records co-owner and world-renowned producer, Billy Dalessandro, when asked about his decision to create the Huge Hephner alias.

Huge Hephner, a name not easily forgotten, first gained notice in the electronic music world roughly a year ago, with "The Booty Drop" EP on Siteholder UnCut (Siteholder Records' digital sub-label). The release marked a clear departure from Dalessandro's traditional production style, implementing a distinguishable house vibe while still maintaining a forward-thinking techno feel.

Following the success of "The Booty Drop EP," Hephner took little time in preparing his first vinyl release for Siteholder, entitled the "Pimp Slappin'" EP. Building upon his prior success, the EP found its way into some of the world's top DJ's record bags. Up until this point, the individual behind the Hephner alias had remained a secret. However, following the critical acclaim of "Pimp Slappin'," it was only a matter of time until Hephner's true identity was revealed.

Merely one year later, Hephner ups the ante with the release of his debut album, entitled "Nymphotech." This full-length album marks the culmination of Hephner's young career with Siteholder Records - a label that techno legend Sven Vath claims is "putting Chicago back on the map."

Keeping today's volatile vinyl market in mind, Siteholder takes a unique release approach for their first full-length album. Instead of going the traditional double-pack route, "Nymphotech" will be released on vinyl via two separate three-track album samplers. The two remaining tracks will be available exclusively in digital format via Beatport. Those who purchase a digital copy of "Nymphotech" in its entirety will also get a free 30-minute live set by Hephner.

"After a successful digital EP and vinyl release, I really felt like it was time to put myself to the test by producing an entire album - the first I had ever done under an alias," Billy notes, "from the beginning I had always wanted to create a separate identity with an equally fruitful career to the one I've built under my given name... Huge Hephner has allowed me to do that and at a pace beyond anything I could have ever imagined!"

As Dalessandro prepares to hit the road in August for yet another European tour, Nymphotech is poised not only to ensure further recognition of the Huge Hephner name, but also push Siteholder Records into the few pockets of the planet it has yet to penetrate.

Release date: August 15.

1. Foreplay
2. My Money Your Body
3.Coffeeshop Chronicles
4. Black Potion
6. Lotus Bomb
7. $ean Da Don
8. Quickie Bounce
9. Nymphotech

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