Saturday, August 29, 2009

Luke Hess ( FXHE / Echocord / Beretta Grey )

Detroit dubtechno producer Luke Hess with banging dj mix
Distance Over Time - featuring: Luke Hess ( FXHE / Echocord / Beretta Grey )

01. Echocord Colour - Arne Weinberg
02. Smallville Records - STL
03. Baum Limited Picture Edition - Haventepe
04. Fachwerk - Mike Dehnert
05. M-Plant - Rob Hood
06. Guilty Pleasures - Jerome Sydenham
07. D1 Records - Visitor
08. Aesthetic Audio - Tony Lionni
09. A.R.T.less - Steve Rachmad
10. Music Man - Steve Rachmad
11. Klockworks - Ben Klock
12. Maurizio - M-6
13. Transmat - Stephan Brown

Stream the dj set right here

Cadenza, WTF?

Luciano release in minimal house label Cadenza
Release date: 12.10.09

It's been nine years since Lucien Nicolet's first record, and in that time he has
earned his place among electronic dance music's most celebrated names. He's
racked up singles for the likes of Mental Groove, Perlon, Desolat and of course
Cadenza. He's remixed everyone from M83 to Salif Keita, and his mix CDs for
Fabric and Soma's Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. series have showcased minimal house and techno at
their most sensual, supple and jubilant. And Luciano's DJ sets have become the
stuff of legend the world over. Throughout his career, the Swiss-Chilean musician
has experimented liberally with longer formats, including a live album for Thomas
Brinkmann's max.Ernst label and 2004's groundbreaking No Model No Tool, a
recombinant set of groove components. But in all this time he has released only
one proper studio album, 2004's Blind Behaviour, which veered away from the
dancefloor in search of more esoteric pleasures. At long last, with Tribute to the
Sun, Luciano delivers one of the definitive highlights of his career. Not merely a
"dance" or "electronic" record, Tribute incorporates musical styles from around the
globe with Luciano's inimitable rhythmic sensibility. It draws upon Luciano's
extensive experience as a mover of bodies and a reader of the crowd's mind. Many
of its grooves form an integral part of Luciano's DJ sets, having been road-tested
and continually refined. But it's very much an album to be listened to front to back.
(Most of the album's cuts will also be made available as extended edits, for vinyl
and download alike.) Tribute to the Sun is above all a highly personal portrait of the
artist. Informed by the ups and downs of the artist's life, and the balancing act
between life on the road and the refuge of family life in rural Switzerland, its
moods run from the heavenly grace of "Celestial" to the outright madness of
"Metodisma." This is the fullest portrait yet of Luciano as not just an artist but a
human being.

Four years in the making, the album finds Luciano collaborating with a cast of
musicians as talented as they are diverse. Martina Topley-Bird, of course, is known
for her haunting contributions to Tricky's early classics, as well as for her solo
career and collaborations with the likes of Danger Mouse and Mike Patton. Senegal's
Ali Boulo Santo, heir to a long line of griots and nephew of the legendary "King of
the Kora" Soundioulou Cissoko, was said to be "born with a Kora in his hands"; he
pioneered an electronic fusion of Mandingue Afrobeat in his recordings for Frédéric
Galliano's Frikyiwa label, and here his contributions continue to expand the
possibilities for "world" music in new contexts. Switzerland's Bruno Bieri is the
inventor of the Hang, a kind of steel drum with a sound like a mountain stream;
"Hang for Bruno" features both his limpid melodies and the contributions of the
Israeli percussionist Omri Hason, a student of the Iranian master Djamchid
Chemirani. Omri Is also part of Luciano’s live project Aether.

Samples here

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Goodbye Skull Disco, hello Perlon
Goodbye Skull Disco, hello Perlon!

As some of you might know Shackleton is ready with new material: "Three EPs".
I've been searching for samples for more than a week now. Yesterday I hit it. Based on the snippets it's fucking great!


a1. '(No More) Negative Thoughts'

b1. 'Let Go'

c1. 'It's Time For Love'

c2. 'Mountains Of Ashes'

d1. 'There's A Slow Train Coming'

e1. 'Asha In The Tabernacle'

f1. 'Tabernacle'

f2. 'Something Has Got To Give

Samples right here

Release date: October 12th. Go get it!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busty babe from the 90s

Now you might think I'm turning into a complete asshole posting nude chicks and stuff. Nonono!

I still digg this Sven Wasserman track from late 90s.


I'm still ALIVE

Hi all ya techno lovers:)

All right - first of all my blog has been dead for more or less a year now. This is not good and fucking sad! However, I really miss typing and making posts. I've thought about quitting this old blog and you know just begin all over. Starting a new slick blog with focus on more dubby and detroit stuff. But hey, then we would like start all over again from scratch. I seriously hope some of you guys still are interested in reading my posts.

Another thing. If you're the kind of guy who has millions of dope unreleased tunes on your comp, e-mail me some tracks and mayyybeeee... I posts 'em here.
I think it would be interesting to do some posts about upcoming unknown artists.

Last but not least; send me an e-mail if you've got anything on ya mind regarding the blog: new inputs, ideas, ANYTHING!

And remember: Chemicals MAKES you a better dj! I love this clip from Love Parade 2000!