Sunday, August 23, 2009


Goodbye Skull Disco, hello Perlon
Goodbye Skull Disco, hello Perlon!

As some of you might know Shackleton is ready with new material: "Three EPs".
I've been searching for samples for more than a week now. Yesterday I hit it. Based on the snippets it's fucking great!


a1. '(No More) Negative Thoughts'

b1. 'Let Go'

c1. 'It's Time For Love'

c2. 'Mountains Of Ashes'

d1. 'There's A Slow Train Coming'

e1. 'Asha In The Tabernacle'

f1. 'Tabernacle'

f2. 'Something Has Got To Give

Samples right here

Release date: October 12th. Go get it!


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