Friday, April 8, 2011

Jubilee Compilation

New dub techno compilation on echocord
One of my favourite dubby labels, Echocord, is back with yet another compilation This time with tracks Fluxion, Quantec, Deadbeat, Onmutu Mechanicks, Brendon Moeller, Luke Hess, Resoe, Stephen Hitchell, Fenin and Mikkel Metal. The label has indeed been an inspiration for me since its first release 9 years ago. If you're a dubtechno rookie then sub-label Echocord Colour is worth checking out!

01. Fluxion – Tides
02. Quantec – My Safe Harbour
03. Deadbeat – House Of Vampire
04. Onmutu Mechanicks – Calyx
05. Brendon Moeller – Farmhouse
06. Luke Hess – Kratos
07. Resoe - Tanzfieber
08. Stephen Hitchell – For Convextion
09. Fenin – Salty-Dub
10. Mikkel Metal - Wahomi

The 3X12 inch is out on April 11.

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