Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How do I get my first DJ gig?

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All right... Now I wanna discuss the subject on how to get yourself some techno gigs. It doesn't really matter how awesome your DJ skills are if nobody knows you. Therefore I wanna hand out some good advice about how to get some gigs.

• Try to hand out as many mix-tapes as possible to promoters - still without being too annoying:) You need to be out there at the clubs talking to dj's, club owners, promoters, club kids, coke dealers - you name it! In other words: make yourself visible in the nightlife - get your name out there and get to know the "right people"!

• Well, if you're producing tracks and so on - it's obviuos that with a decent release you'll more or less get a gig in no time. I know it's not the easiets thing to do. But if you wanna spin some records abroad this is the way to it!

• You can also do what I did back in the days; start organizing your own parties. This is really a great way to get on the dj ladder. As a promoter/booker you will in a short amount of time get to know a lot of new people = which means gigs.
Just remember to be persistant and work your ass off. You wont be able to spin records at Berghain in Berlin after one week!

• Make yourself a website or even better; a myspace profile. Online networking as you might know is not bad at all.

• Well, If you're a girl, your chances are way better than boys in order to get gigs. I'm not a male chauvinist - not at all. This is just facts even though I don't like it. However, I love female jocks - just take a look at Magda - amazing!

I hope you see a pattern; DJ skills don't get you anywhere. You can be Jeff Mills playing on 4 turntables and without contacts or releases no one fucking cares. Get out there and do what it takes even though out might have to lick some ases:)


Anonymous said...

ripped from "How to DJ" by Frank Broughton and Bill Brewster? Good advice but no acknowledgments. Adam.

Anonymous said...

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