Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cassy interview

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Here you'll find the Cassy interview

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ricardo & Richie @ Amnesia Closing Party

Richie Hawtin & Ricardo Villalobos @ Amnesia Closing Party, 30.9.2007

Matt John - Trampolin EP

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The minimal techno joker Matt John is finally back with new material. If you like his former releases on Perlon and BAR25 you'll love this. A-side is stunning like the previous one on BAR25. The Matthew Dear rmx, however, is kind of weird:) Dig it!

Release date: 5th November.

Label: BAR25
Catalog#: BAR25-04
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Germany
Released: 05 Nov 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal

a Olga Dancekowski
b Olga Dancekowski (Audion's Paradise Cafe Mix)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Richie Hawtin interview about global environment

Richie Hawtin and the minimal techno crew at M_nus are now beginning to take action regarding global environment issues. The plastikman wants to follow the footsteeps of other music communities by being more environment minded. With their new campaign subtitled 'Minimize your IMPACT', Richie has promised to offset carbon emissions, and implement environmentally friendly manufacturing processes at M_nus in Berlin. Interesting to see how the electronic music community will react to this green thing. I personally hope the electronic community are able to do something positive in matters to do some changs.

Furthermore Richie is becoming a father. CONGRTATS!

Friday, October 12, 2007

A decade of Treibstoff

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Marcel Janovsky and René Breitbath's cologne techno based label Treibstoff is now celebrating its 10 year anniversary. This label has through out the last ten years released 72 black beauties - mostly 12 inches, and is in the beginning of October sending out a label compilation called "10 Years Treibsoff".

The album will include two CDs. CD 1 is mixed by Marcel Janovsky while CD 2 is an unmixed list of the best Treibstoff oldies.


1. Robert Babicz - A night in Melbourne
2. René Breitbarth – Version666
3. Alecs Marta – BadMan
4. Falko Brocksieper – Silverlining
5. Swat Squad – Mi Jardi Zen
6. Gabriel Ananda – Sync
7. Sarah Goldfarb – Dreams will save us
8. Marcel Janovsky – Okay
9. Todd Bodine – Different floors
10. Maetrik – Runnin
11. Animaltek – Inocent robot
12. Cio D’or – La petite Geisha


1. Interviews
2. Italoboyz feat. James What - Programmer
3. Noon(at – Down the room
4. Gabriel Ananda – Suessholz
5. Rob Acid – Something
6. Maetrik – Utilizame
7. Marcel Janovsky – Shopping
8. Jack Rock – Polyfemos
9. Sarah Goldfarb – 40 years ago i sold my body
10. René Breitbarth – Bob Ross
11. Novatek – Sabroso

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Upcoming Luciano EP

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Luciano - Études Électroniques - Cadenza

The Chilean wonderboy Luciano is yet back with a new strong Cadenza release. It's been about a year since his last 'Solomon's Prayer' EP was released on Cadenza. Since then Cadenza has given us a great roll of latin-like minimal house releases from Alejandro Vivanco, Pikaya and Loco Dice among others.

Like Luciano's last Perlon release (excellent IMO) you can expect lots of jazzy latin vibes - great for the warm up:)


A Montana
B Fochedrem
C Masalla
D Nunca Tiene Bastante

It will be in stores here in October.

Loco Dice @ NAME Festival - Lille FR 22.09.2007

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Download here

Friday, October 5, 2007

The techno princess of m_nus

Magda @ Watergate, Berlin 21.09.2007

Pan-Pot - Charly

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Pan-Pot - Charly

Pan-Pot, aka Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix have really built up a solid reputation on the minimal techno scene through their great techno releases on Mobilee and Einmaleins - especially the last couple of 12 inch on Einmaleins are stunning. Even though I still find the Maffia EP on Einmaleins absolutely brilliant, I believe this new Mobilee EP is even better - fantastic material!

Anja Schneider has been doing a rmx on the b-side. Yeahh, it's good rework but IMO far from the original piece on the a-side.

You should check it out. You find samples at the buttom.

Label: Mobilee
Catalog#: Mobilee030
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Germany
Released: Sep 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Tech House
Credits Written-By - Tassilo Ippenberger, Thomas Benedix
Vocals - Hugh Betcha

Charly (Anja Schneider Tex Mex mix)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

M_nus57 - JPLS - Fuckshuffle

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I got to be honest on this. JPLS aka Jeremy Jacobe is not my favourite M_nus producer. That's for sure. The stuff he's released on M_nus in the past is IMO a bit boring - I remember the Program EP last year as a good-night-sleep.
This upcoming release, however, is a bit more interesting. For instance the bass-lines are much, much better. But hey, you should check it out yourself. I've added a link at the buttom where you find samples.
Vinyl will be in shops 2nd November.

Label: MINUS
Format: 12”, MP3, WAV
Distribution: MDM / Neuton / Beatport /
Style: Techno, Minimal
Digital Release Date: OCTOBER 19, 2007
Vinyl Release Date: NOVEMBER 2, 2007

Track Listing:
A1 - fuckshuffle
A2 - activatroy
B1 - quasarlude
B2 - synthesis (wax edit)

Digital Only Tracks:
Track 1. m100
Track 2. halfpill
Track 3. dope
Track 4. door25
Track 5. synthesis (full)

Samples here

ARCHPL005 - Pheek

Pheek - En Légère Suspension

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Label: Archipel
Catalog#: ARCHPL005
Country: Canada
Released: 15 Feb 2007
Style: Techno, Tech House, Minimal, Ambient.

1. Dans Le Ventre De L’Ordi - (Original Mix)
2. Rien Ne Va - (Original Mix)
3. Aye Aya Ashawa - (Original Mix)
4. Wolfpack - (Original Mix)
5. Toolpack - (Original Mix)
6. Tew Tew - (Original Mix)
7. Portland 2006 - (Original Mix)
8. Can (Loin Du Canada) - (Original Mix)
9. The Ogre And The Elf - (Original Mix)
10. En Légère Suspension - (Original Mix)

Trapez Ltd 058

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Artist: Reggy Van Oers - Metza
Label: Trapez
Catalog#: Trapez LTD 058
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Germany
Released: 24 Sep 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal

A Cytric
B Metza

Upcoming Gaiser release on M_nus

GAISER | Eye Contact

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Label: M_nus
Catalog#: MINUS 54
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Canada
Release date: 12 Oct 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal
Credits: Producer, Written-By - Jon Gaiser

New Martinez album coming up

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During the last couple of years Martinez aka Martin Swanstrein has really making himself visible on the minimal techno scene. I remember years ago when he was dealing with deep house and tech house - but now I'm really a sucker for his releases. Since he launched his new label Re:connected in the beginning of 2007 I've been sucking up each and every release.

The Swede who's actually living in Copenhagen, is putting out the album "A Chemical Imbalance" which can be bought on vinyl, cd and mp3.

"A Chemical Imbalance" is mainly driven by the trade mark sound of Re:connected. You’ll find it in tracks such as "Tuna Belly" & "La Macchina", with their rolling hypnotic rhythm and bleepy metallic sounds. The album also includes the two dance floor hits from the first 12", Sinus Wave and Land-crab which have a more shuffle driven beat and strong off-key pads. You'll alse find tracks with chicago house elements...

01. haunted by your scream
02. isolation
03. tuna belly
04. razor-blade
05. lowdown
06. sinus wave
07. a chemical imbalance
08. the turtle-march
09. borrmaskin
10. land-crab
11. square form
12. la macchina

The album will be released 26th of November.

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Upcoming Resopal release

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Paul Ritch doesn't really need any introduction. Within the last year the Parisian fellow has been released peak-time techno on labels such as Resopal and MiniSketch. This new release, however, is IMO the best so far - I'm really glad he's not following the "Berlin hype" at the moment where "everybody" is more or less focused on jazzy deep house. To be honest... I can't stand it:)

All right. The Summer Ceremony EP will be out soon - check it out!


Shester - 7:15
Summer Ceremony 7:31
Swartz 8:07

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Matthew Dear on tour in the US

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Matthew Dear and his Big Hands are touring the US and Canada here this October.

Following numerous headline slots at European festivals over the summer including Sonar, Pukkelpop and Audioriver, Matthew Dear hits the road this month with his bass player and drummer for a nineteen-date tour of North America. But don't go turning up at the clubs. The tour will stop off at rough-and-tumble venues such as Rock n' Roll Hotel, Triple Rock and err, Grog Shop. Classy stuff. Folks in the Windy City are in for a treat with Superpitcher also guesting at Chicago date at Smart Bar.

Here's the full list of tour dates:

Oct 1 Mercury Lounge, New York
Oct 2 Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia
Oct 3 Satellite, Charlottesville
Oct 4 Roll Hotel, Washington DC
Oct 5 Local 506, Chapel Hill
Oct 6 Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta
Oct 8 Emo's, Austin
Oct 9 Granada, Dallas
Oct 12 Hi-Dive, Denver
Oct 13 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor
Oct 16 Echo, Los Angeles
Oct 18 Mezzanine, San Francisco
Oct 19 Holocene, Portland
Oct 20 Crocodile, Seattle
Oct 21 Media Club, Vancouver
Oct 24 Triple Rock, Minneapolis
Oct 25 Café Montemarte, Madison
Oct 26 Smart Bar, Chicago
Oct 27 Grog Shop, Cleveland

I'm a bit jealous on the Americans:) I hope y'll enjoy his show - he's truly inspring and amazing!

Mathias Kaden - Myal EP

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Mathias Kaden doesn’t make me spill my drink here but he definitely raises an eyebrow or two. The EP is a deliberate step away from the perky, stripped-down minimal techno sound you’d expect from this artist and this label towards a swampier, dubbier and more layered approach.

The A-side, ‘Rhythma’ has a world music vibe with a sparse congo-driven groove and lots of echoey delay. The long congo runs are great but might be a little too similar to other tracks out there these days. On the B-side, ‘Obeah’ is a more progressive, atmospheric affair with echoey stabs and African samples that create an ethnic, trancey feel. It’s a decent enough builder, but the rhythm is a little too flat to make you want to move your feet to it.

But the title track is the one to check here. ‘Myal’ uses a simplistic but powerful bassline as it’s foundation and then brings in congo rattles and the occasional bar of funky live drumming to create interest - this cuts in like the biting drums from the ‘Shadow Boxing’ drum n bass track way back in the day. It’s very danceable, if stopping short of anthemic, and certainly ‘different’.

That’s a tally of one good peak time track and two more stylistic exercises for earlier or later in the night. This release shows that in a post-minimal world Vakant is still a label to check on sight, and that Kaden is an artist with longevity and a lot left to offer. I await the next release eagerly.

Jacob Wright - RA

Tracklist: Mathias Kaden – Myal EP
A Rhythma
B1 Myal
B2 Obeah

How do I get my first DJ gig?

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All right... Now I wanna discuss the subject on how to get yourself some techno gigs. It doesn't really matter how awesome your DJ skills are if nobody knows you. Therefore I wanna hand out some good advice about how to get some gigs.

• Try to hand out as many mix-tapes as possible to promoters - still without being too annoying:) You need to be out there at the clubs talking to dj's, club owners, promoters, club kids, coke dealers - you name it! In other words: make yourself visible in the nightlife - get your name out there and get to know the "right people"!

• Well, if you're producing tracks and so on - it's obviuos that with a decent release you'll more or less get a gig in no time. I know it's not the easiets thing to do. But if you wanna spin some records abroad this is the way to it!

• You can also do what I did back in the days; start organizing your own parties. This is really a great way to get on the dj ladder. As a promoter/booker you will in a short amount of time get to know a lot of new people = which means gigs.
Just remember to be persistant and work your ass off. You wont be able to spin records at Berghain in Berlin after one week!

• Make yourself a website or even better; a myspace profile. Online networking as you might know is not bad at all.

• Well, If you're a girl, your chances are way better than boys in order to get gigs. I'm not a male chauvinist - not at all. This is just facts even though I don't like it. However, I love female jocks - just take a look at Magda - amazing!

I hope you see a pattern; DJ skills don't get you anywhere. You can be Jeff Mills playing on 4 turntables and without contacts or releases no one fucking cares. Get out there and do what it takes even though out might have to lick some ases:)

New Perlon album

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Personally I can't wait to Thomas Melchior's new album on Perlon. Perlon has always been my #1 label for minimal house/techno.
The album will be released on the 11th November 2007. As a Perlon tradition it will not be out for digital download which I truly like as I'm still true to the black beauty:)

The title of the album is "No Disco Future". As far as I'm informed we'll be dealing with an album with harmonic structures and believe it or not some discreet melodies - I'm really looking forward to this album.


A1 Prepare For Love
A2 Where's the Happiness
B1 Out There
B2 The Hypnotist
C1 Her Majesty
C2 Black Mother
D1 Coming Up
D2 Water Soul

Free unreleased m_nus tracks

TIP: 10 free unreleased m_nus tracks. Just follow the link:)

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